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For.E Link software solution

Arm yourself against skyrocketing energy bills & unpredictable power fluctuations with our own Energy Management Software.

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What is the For.E Link software?

Imagine reducing your bills up to 50%!

That’s exactly what our software does. With built in AI for Energy Trading we can make sure you gain money! Always enjoy energy at the lowest cost possible, independently and with consistent power supply.

How does it work?

Based on the available historical data, our software generates a host of simulations and what-if scenarios. This way, the platform gets to know the new environment and uses smart algorithms to make predictions for the future. Based on this simulation report, we show what savings are possible in the short and medium term and what the impact (and payback time) of possible additional investments is. We also provides realistic economic advice: an investment for the benefit of the climate must also make financial sense. Win-win, right?

A.I Powered

The platform is constantly learning. The longer it knows your environment, the smarter and more efficient the system becomes and the better the predictions are. Imagine if you had to make all those complex calculations yourself. Impossible. So let our platform do that for your, automatically.

Is your data safe?

Yes. as we are hosted in Belgium, we need to obey to the local GDPR regislation. This means we respect your data and keep it anonimized.

Managed by durable software

4 reasons to choose for the For.E Link Software

Energy awareness

Get energy insight of your real estate, from a portfolio or community perspective and increase your renewable energy uptake while lowering energy bills.


A plug & play control algorithm ( on grid, EV, PV, battery, building base load) that is modular and configurable for each building. This control over the demand side results in a lower energy bill and additional value streams

Augmented Control

The control functionalities enhanced with a variety of value adding features via a broad eco-system of integration partners to go a step further in optimizing your real estate.

Community Energy Trader

Activate the capability to share and trade energy amongst members of the community via a local energy marketplace on your own market mechanism.

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Plan your meeting and prepare for the electric future.

Whether you're in need for a system for your home, or for your company, our team is here to provide expert guidance and support. Let's collaborate to unlock the full potential of hybrid supercapacitors and propel your innovations into the future. Reach out now to start the conversation and discover the possibilities with FoR-E.