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Residential energy storage solution

Are you ready for the future of energy? Do you want to optimize your energy consumption? Do you want to be sure you have energy when you need it? With our storage solutions, you can rely on your own energy supply.

Step into the future of energy storage with FoR-E Hybrid Supercapacitors!

Get ready to revolutionize your home's energy storage with FoR-E Hybrid Supercapacitors! Engineered to cater to the ever-evolving demands of modern living, our hybrid supercapacitors offer an innovative solution that brings together the best of both worlds. Whether you're powering your smart home devices, safeguarding your valuable assets, or ensuring uninterrupted energy for essential equipment, FoR-E Hybrid Supercapacitors deliver unmatched versatility and reliability. Say farewell to the limitations of traditional batteries and capacitors, and usher in a new era of energy storage technology that promises enhanced performance, extended lifespan, and superior dependability for a variety of household applications.

With FoR-E Hybrid Supercapacitors, you're not just investing in energy storage—you're investing in limitless innovation without compromise. Experience the freedom to explore new possibilities as you tap into the unique blend of energy density, rapid charging capabilities, and long-term durability offered by our hybrid supercapacitors. Whether you're optimizing energy efficiency in your smart home setup or safeguarding against downtime risks, FoR-E Hybrid Supercapacitors provide a dynamic solution to ensure your household systems operate at peak performance every day. Join the movement and unlock the full potential of hybrid supercapacitors to propel your home innovations into a brighter, more sustainable future.

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Why choose hybrid supercapacitors?

High efficiency energy transfer.

Contrary to standard batteries, supercapacitors have a DOD of 100% and can charge and discharge at lightning-fast speeds.

Enjoy decades of performance.

Supercapacitors have an ultra-long lifespan: +50000 cycles (Guaranteed capacity still more than 80% after 32.000 cycles).

Environmentally friendly and safe.

Supercapacitors are non-toxic, operate without chemical processes, and are 100% fire-safe, making them superior for our planet and your safety.

Temperature insensitive.

The performance, lifespan, and capacity of supercapacitors remain unaffected, whether it's summer +40 degrees or winter -20 degrees Celsius.

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The technology

Carbon-based Hybrid Supercapacitors

This technology is a new type of hybrid supercapacitor with a much higher energy density. It bridges a gap between traditional (often lithium-based) supercapacitors and lithium-ion battery cells but uses activated carbon as its active ingredient. Contrary to batteries there is no global chemical redox reaction involved when charging or discharging, resulting in li-ions moving back and forward between the electrodes.

Plan your meeting and prepare for the electric future.

Whether you're in need for a system for your home, or for your company, our team is here to provide expert guidance and support. Let's collaborate to unlock the full potential of hybrid supercapacitors and propel your innovations into the future. Reach out now to start the conversation and discover the possibilities with FoR-E.